TEL(SPB): +7 905 235-72-09

E-MAIL: info@smyslov.ru

SKYPE: Smyslov 3D


Location: Russia. Saint-Petersburg
Age: 28 years
Experience: 10 years
Education: Higher, Art school

About me...
...AGREED WITH Nietzsche

Beauty - is the promise of happiness. - F. Nietzsche

Greetings! I'm a freelance 3D designer (3D artist) with a wide range of works from web-graphics to interiors. I'm used to work as a 3D desiner since 2000 year and for this time, I've been accumulated a big experience in different types of computer graphics. If you would like to make an order, you can connect me by contacs that presents in right side of this page. Quality of my works you can assess in the portfolio. Perhaps, It's one of the best value for money.

The prices are discussible, but it need to correspond with the labor costs. For example: The visualization of some googs can be made for half of a day. But if you need an artistic lights setup, post-processing and tiny details it will takes 3 times longer minimum. Notice, That big revises are not included in the price!. So please try to formulate task as specifically as possible. Try not to protract with an order. It's not profitably for both sides.

There is no prepayment. In case of small projects, the payment occurs AFTER you get jobs done (you see the results with my watermarks, and after it you pay - no risk). In case of big projects the payment occurs step by step, for each part of the job (also, first you got jobs done, than you pay).

As you can see the quality of my works is constantly improves, and it is my interest to made your job well too, so I can add it to portfolio.


  • 3D animation
  • computer intro videos
  • commercials, presentations
  • internet advertising
  • 3D design and visualization
  • interior/exterior visualization
  • business cards, logotypes, press advertising
  • laser show production (for Pangolin Laser Systems)
  • 3D Stereo (Anaglyphs etc.)


  • one of the best value for money
  • discussuble prices
  • no prepayment
  • big experience
  • wide profile of works
  • love profession
  • interest in good jobs for portfolio


  • bank account
  • western union
  • web money
  • cash


What's the difference between me, other freelancers and studios?
Unofficial payment Low price
It is more easyer and faster to order a freelance design, than draw up a contract with many paragraphs. Than wait for mutual argreement and only than start to work. In addition, not everybody wants to show up their income. The freelance designers ask about 50-300% less money than professional studios. That is naturally profitable for the customers. The freelancers work by orders. It is profitable for them to finish one task and move to another one, than works for one project for a month, as stuios likes to do. Studios stretchs out deadlines, 'cos they works for salary, but not for the result.
No risk
Official deal
Regular report
Are you afraid of loosing your money and not get a job's done? Forget it! I'm not taking a prepayment for a small projects. And for the big one, I take payment step by step for each part. If you're still alert we can make an official deal with a contract. You make a deal with my own company, so the price will rise only on 10% (the legal services are not included) You will get a regular progress report.